In this 21st century, everyone needs current and high quality information to support us throughout our lives as we learn to read and move through the education system, develop personal and job- related skills and discover the deepest secrets about life.

The word”Elite” simply refers to”A special group of people who are outstanding in their various designations.” Everyone ought to identify with this group!!!

While the internet has opened a vast world of information and data, most of the valuable information which comes at high cost remains available to only a few; the public and various school /local library have always played the key role in the provision of the information that students need but right now, these high cost valuable information are available for free download.

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In the past, most of this information has been in hard copies.However, technology now allows school libraries to provide the information and services to the users; Schools in Nigeria spend billions of Naira each year to purchase resources for their students such as journals, magazines, textbooks and encyclopedias. While some school libraries in Nigeria spend this fund wisely within their own mandate, some government and community schools especially in the rural areas have minimal budget to obtain these resourceful information products which brings setback to the intelligent quotient (IQ) of the students.

Fortunately, this comes at the time when students, workers, business people even professionals have increased expectations about the information they need to be informed, competitive and well-educated. Everyone needs and expects to access all the information that is available for them to make their day to day decisions and life or career choices. Therefore, the Elite Digital Library (EDL) has come to create a strong voice and a mechanism to meet the challenges in today’s information economy.

The E.D.L will transform how liberates interact with each other and with those who use their collections and services. Without the EDL, the digital divide will become a chasm, creating have and have-not students, educators and information seekers and resulting to loss of global competitiveness, long-term deterioration of Nigerian’s educational system and an inefficient use of public funds. Information begets transformation and this is what EDL has come to do for everyone.

Objectives of EDL


The core objective of the EDL includes the following;

*To promote information accessibity for all elites.

*To enhance the arrays of information resources and services for users of the various local libraries through the collaborative framework of the EDL.


Therefore, EDL is the vehicle that will drive individuals worldwide towards achieving there desires in e-learning, lifelong learning, professional development, upgrading job skills and training as well as reducing digital divide among the masses.

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